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Science at The Gattons






We believe in nurturing the inquisitive nature of children, in order to develop confident and motivated learners who are curious and passionate about the world around them. We provide a stimulating science curriculum that encourages the children to ask high level questions of the world around them as well as equipping them with the skills, knowledge and vocabulary they need to enable them to follow, and seek the rewards, of their own independent avenues of enquiry. We believe in instilling a life-long love of science through enquiry and practical, memorable learning.


We do this through specific science lessons where we teach skills, knowledge and key vocabulary, through investigations and observations, as well as through, ‘Woodland Rangers’ and ‘Discovery Time’ (where children across the whole school have the opportunity to explore their own, self-led, learning choices), as well as during OPAL playtime. Much of our science learning takes place outside in nature, allowing the children to explore the world they live in.  We encourage parents who are involved in the science field to share their expertise with the children, as well as inviting in visitors and taking the children on visits to enhance their learning in science.