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Welcome to the gallery! Please enjoy browsing the children’s work.

Welcome to our gallery which includes photographs of a range of learning over the past year or so.
Picture 1 Forest School
Picture 2 Forest School
Picture 3 Forest School
Picture 4 ICT
Picture 5 Learning about Space
Picture 6 Creating planets
Picture 7 Making sandwiches
Picture 8 Watering our plants
Picture 9 Making habitats for woodland creatures
Picture 10 Harvest Festival food
Picture 11 Delivering our Harvest Festival food
Picture 12 Mini Marathon
Picture 13 Mini Marathon
Picture 14 Mini Marathon medals
Picture 15 Mini Marathon
Picture 16 Golden Jubilee celebrations
Picture 17 Golden Jubilee celebrations
Picture 18 Maypole dancing
Picture 19 Tasting Healthy foods
Picture 20 Impact healthy lunchbox
Picture 21 Maths - timing each other running
Picture 22 Maths - recording how far we can throw
Picture 23 Making Funky Junk
Picture 24 Making Funky Junk
Picture 25 Funky Junk!