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Our School Environment

The Gattons Infant School is maintained by West Sussex Local Authority.  It was built in 1964.  We have nine classes, three classes for Year Two, three for Year One and three for the Reception year. 


  The School has two corridors, leading off the main hall.  One 
   corridor leads to the three Year Two classes, and the other
   corridor leads to the Year One and Reception classrooms.  
   Each corridor has a set of toilets, cloakroom facilities and  a
library.  At the front of the school is the main entrance leading
   to the administrative offices and the rest of the school.


Outside there are three playgrounds, one for each year group, although the children play in all playgrounds and on the field everyday during OPAL playtimes.  The playgrounds include areas for quiet sitting and activities, as well as plenty of room for more active pastimes.  We have a pond area, as well as areas around school for growing fruit and vegetables.  The field offers a mud kitchen, willow dome, slack line gym, swings and den building areas. 


We take health and safety measures very seriously.  The children’s playgrounds are securely fenced.  Access to the school after 9.00 am is through the front door, which is kept locked at all times.  Parents and visitors press the buzzer and speak into the intercom to gain access. The governors of the school conduct regular health and safety checks.


The atmosphere at The Gattons is very special and particular to an infant school.  We work hard to ensure that all the children feel secure and valued.  Our standards and attitudes reflect a concern for others and we actively encourage social and moral awareness, self discipline and a striving to do one’s best in all areas of school life.  




Most children transfer at the age of seven years to Southway Junior School, which is situated a short walk away.