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Taking Care of your Child

Washing your child and changing their clothes following illness in school


Guidance is issued from the Local Authority with regard to the conduct of school staff in their relationships with the pupils in the school.  A particular focus of this guidance concerns physical contact with pupils.  Therefore the school needs to ask parents for their permission to deal with the consequences of ‘accidents’ in school when children soil or wet themselves.


Normal practice is for the child to be washed and changed and in the case of sickness or diarrhoea to contact the parents.  While dealing with the ‘accident’ can sometimes be quite unpleasant, we are willing to do it in order to make sure that the pupil concerned is left feeling clean and comforted.  However it does put staff in a vulnerable position with regard to physical contact with children.


Please would you therefore complete the online form when your child starts school to inform us of your preference with regard to washing and changing your child.  If you have not given us permission and your child then has an ‘accident’ in school we will not wash or change them but will make every attempt to contact you so you may collect your child from school and change them yourself.


If you have any queries about this please contact the Headteacher.


The School Health Service

During your child’s first year at school he or she will be seen by the School Nurse for a Health Care check.
This involves weighing and measuring your child as well as carrying out a simple hearing test. If the School Nurse is concerned she will refer your child to the School Doctor.  You are invited to be present when the doctor or nurse examines your child.


In addition to this, if parents later become concerned about their child’s development, particularly if it is affecting their child’s progress in school, they may discuss this with the Headteacher or class teacher and the school nurse may become involved.


Similarly, the child’s teacher may discuss a concern with the parent and recommend that the child is seen by someone from the School Health Service.


The School Nurse is able to advise parents on health issues


First Aid

The school has qualified First Aiders.  West Sussex guidelines are followed for all treatments.



Emergency Contacts

If your child becomes unwell or is injured and requires medical treatment whilst in school we will contact you.
It is therefore most important that you give us at least two contact telephone numbers where we can reach you or a close family member or friend. It is essential that if your circumstances change, please remember to notify the office.  You will be asked for these numbers at the beginning of the Autumn Term.


Taking care of your child

We ask all parents to let us know if there are any changes in home circumstances  which may affect your child in school. We may notice changes of behaviour and if we know these are linked to an event at home we are able to take appropriate care of your child.


We are also able to offer support in school or help parents to find support from other organisations for both parents and children at times of difficulty.