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Getting your child ready to start school

Please help your child to develop the basic skills that are needed to do well at school.  Children should remember to say please and thank you and know how to ask for help.  Staff will help if necessary!


Keeping clean and tidy:

I can:

     ♦   Turn a tap on and off
     ♦   Wash my own hands
     ♦   Use a paper towel and put it in the bin
     ♦   Ask to go to the toilet
     ♦   Go to the toilet all by myself
     ♦   Pull down my pants, and pull them up
     ♦   Wipe my own bottom
     ♦   Flush the toilet and leave it clean
     ♦   Use a urinal
     ♦   Put on an apron to keep me clean
     ♦   Tidy away my toys
     ♦   Put things away where they belong


Dressing:                                                Undressing:

I can                                                    I can


    ♦   Put on my T-shirt and my shorts                                        ♦  Undo my buttons
    ♦   Turn all my clothes if they are inside-out                        ♦  Take off my coat and hang it up
    ♦   Put on all my clothes, in the right order                           ♦  Undo my zip
    ♦   Do up my buttons and my zips                                           ♦ Take off all my clothes
    ♦   Put on my socks and know which shoe is which               ♦ Turn them the right way and fold them
    ♦   Recognise my name on my clothes 


Handy Hints:                                            Being with other children:
                                                          I know  

    ♦   Zips and velcro are easier than buttons                         ♦  How to share things
    ♦   Buttons at the back are hard to undo                            ♦  How to take turns
    ♦   If the necks are too small, it is difficult to                  ♦  How to listen
         take off T-shirts and jumpers.
    ♦   Simply designed clothers are easier to manage
    ♦   Work from behind when teaching children to
         tie laces.

I can

    ♦   Sit properly at the table and stay there until
         the meal has finished
    ♦   Eat up all my food
    ♦   Eat sensibly without making a mess
    ♦   Undo the top of my flask
    ♦   Pour out my drink
    ♦   Eat my food in the order that is good for me
    ♦   Use a knife and fork