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Art at The Gattons




At The Gattons Infant School, our vision is to give children an art curriculum which encourages children to experiment, take risks and explore art skills confidently. We want to equip children with skills that they can independently apply to end projects and take ownership of their outcomes. We want to instil a love of art and educate them in the wider knowledge of artists and crafts people. We want to ensure that our children will be lifelong learners and give them a secure foundation of skills, knowledge and vocabulary to progress into junior school and further!


We do this through specific art lessons where we teach skills, knowledge and key vocabulary, as well as through ‘Discovery Time’ (where children across the whole school have the opportunity to explore their own, self-led, learning choices).  Some of our art learning takes place outside in nature, allowing the children to explore the world they live in, creating natural artwork, as well as taking inspiration from nature.  We use computer programs to extend their art skills related to well-known artists. We encourage the children to use their emotional literacy to explore how art makes them feel.  Parents who are involved in the art field are encouraged to share their expertise with the children by coming into art workshops, as well as taking the children on visits to enhance their learning in art.