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Who's Who

The Senior Leadership Team


Headteacher and Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)

Mrs Sarah Gospel

Deputy Headteacher and Inclusion Manager – Deputy DSL

Miss Ellie Bennett

Reception Leader – Deputy DSL

Mrs Andrea Parsons

Year 1 Leaders

Mrs Bev Angel &

Miss Becky Lawrence


Year 2 Leader

Miss Helen Anderson

School Business Manager

Mrs Clare Tidbury


The Reception Team


Reception Leader – Deputy DSL

Wrens Class Teacher

Mrs Andrea Parsons

Robins Class Teacher

Miss Hannah Tookey

Swallows Class Teacher

Miss Laura Sappa and Mrs Elaine Woodhead

Learning Support Assistants in Reception

Mrs Emma Sainsbury, Mrs Jane Roffey, Mrs Debbie Busby, Mrs Carolyn Anderson, Mrs Tina Loram


The Year One Team

Year 1 Leaders

Blackbirds Class Teacher

Woodpeckers Class Teacher


Mrs Bev Angel

Miss Becky Lawrence

Woodpeckers Class Teachers

Miss Becky Lawrence and Mrs Stef Kemsley

Nightingales Class Teacher

Miss Lucy Anderson

Learning Support Assistants in Year One

Mrs Niki Bunce, Mrs Gemma Knowles, Mrs Emma Kennard, Mrs Mandy Bignall


The Year Two Team

Year 2 Leader

Puffins Class Teacher

Miss Helen Anderson

Eagles Class Teacher

Mrs Leila Grass and Mrs Carol Cornford

Owls Class Teacher

Miss Tilly Treglown

Learning Support Assistants in Year Two

Mrs Ali McCarthy, Mrs Lucy Norton, Mrs Annie Newbery, Mrs Carla Field, Mrs Alice Clark, Mrs Rosie Brickell


PPA Teachers

Mrs Mary Ward

Mrs Kate Sowerby

Mrs Sarah Jones

SEN support Teacher

Mrs Marie Morgan

Inclusion Support Assistant and Learning Mentor

Mrs Lorraine Pellett


The Office Team

School Business Manager

Mrs Clare Tidbury


Mrs Sandra Gething

School Secretaries

Mrs Amy Collinson and Mrs Mandy Bignall

Clerk to Governors

Mrs Emma Whitbourn


The OPAL Team

OPAL Curriculum Lead

Mrs Bev Angel

OPAL Play supervisors

Mrs Niki Bunce

Mrs Annie Newbery

Mrs Lorraine Pearce

OPAL Play Leaders

Mrs Carla Field

Mrs Lucy Norton

Mrs Anna Worsfold

Mrs Sharon Prosser

Mrs Ann Tomlinson

Mrs Vaishali Jagtap

Mrs Tina Loram

Mrs Suzie Gonzalez

Mrs Briony Nunne


The Premises Team

Premises Officer

Mr Simon Russell


Mrs Gina Steer

Mrs Suzie Gonzalez