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Good Behaviour

The purpose of our Behaviour Policy is to ensure that we provide a calm and orderly environment where learning can readily take place, where high standards of work and behaviour are expected and where self-discipline is encouraged.

We are very pleased that the general standard of behaviour in our school is excellent.

The aims of our Behaviour Policy are:

♦   To create a caring school community based on mutual respect between all adults and pupils, where 
     children can develop confidence and self esteem.
♦   To enable all pupils to take control and responsibility for their own behaviour.
♦   To enable all pupils to develop their social and academic skills and prepare them for opportunities and
     responsibilities as adults.
♦   To create a moral framework in which children learn right from wrong.

We are a Level 2 Rights Respecting School and, therefore, we uphold the principles of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.  We have developed our Rights Respecting Rainbow in line with the Convention.  Further information is on this website.

We encourage good behaviour through:
♦   Using our Rights Respecting Rainbow
♦   Recognition and verbal praise
♦   Stickers and badges given in class, playground or hall
♦   Headteacher's Awards for good work
♦   'Leaves' awarded for respecting rights.

We discourage inappropriate behaviour through:
♦   Using our Rights Respecting Rainbow
♦   Verbal warnings and reprimands where rights have not been respected
♦   Separation from the group
♦   Involvement of the Headteacher
♦   Involvement of the parents
♦   If required, Exclusion

We always criticise the behaviour and not the child.

Parental Support

We believe that a close partnership between school and home is important in order that the aims and values of the school are understood so that parents can actively assist the school in its work.

On admission, all parents are asked to sign the Home-School Agreement which includes statements about behaviour and our Rights Respecting Rainbow.

Parents are kept informed of their child's behaviour at Parent/Teacher consultations.  If necessary, parents may be invited into school to discuss any concerns they have with the class teacher and/or Headteacher.  In this way, parents and school can work together to seek solutions to any problems which arise.

All schools have and anti-bullying policy.  Our anti-bulling and behaviour policies can be found on this website in the policies section.