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Health and Safety at The Gattons

Safety and Security

Visitors to the school should use the main entrance where there is a door entry system.
The playground gate is opened at the beginning and end of the school day to provide access to the school for children.  Please make sure you wait safely with your child.  Children should not be allowed to wander off.  Balls, bikes and any other toys which may cause an injury may not be used in the playground before and after school.
All staff wear an identity badge and all visitors are expected to report to the the main office and sign in the visitor's book.
There is no parking for parents anywhere on the school site, other than the space reserved for those with a disability.
It is illegal to smoke while you are in school or in the playground. 


Health and Safety at The Gattons Infant School

We do all that we can to make sure that the children are safe in school and ask you to help with a number of things.


We ask that all visitors to our school site follow the guidance notes below:

1.       It is illegal to smoke anywhere on the school premises (inside and outside).

2.      Dogs may not be brought onto the school grounds. Some children are frightened of dogs so please do
not leave your dog unattended near the school entrance.     


3.      There is no parking for parents on the school site at any time.  The car park at the rear of the school is for authorised staff only.

4.       At the beginning of the school day, remain with your child in the playground until 8.50 am. At this time we open the doors to the classrooms/corridors and children may come in. Their teachers will be in the classrooms to greet them. Never leave a child alone in the playground.


5.         Parents may not leave children in the reception/office area at any time.

6.       At the end of the day please wait in the playground for your child. We will bring the children to the class door and stay with them until they are safely collected.  Never wait for your child outside the school gate.

7.       When you are waiting for your child please keep younger children with you at all times. We cannot be held responsible for children wandering away from you, hurting themselves or getting lost.

8.       Parents should prevent children from touching or playing with or on school equipment.  Children must not go behind the sheds or in the gardens.

9.       Scooters must be pushed on school grounds.  Scooters may be left in the scooter park.  Bikes may not be left at school.


10.      Children must stay close to the adult with them at all times.

Thank you for your help.