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Literacy at The Gattons



We want all children to leave The Gattons Infant School with the ability to communicate and express themselves through speech as well as different styles of writing.  All children will have developed a love of reading and will have been exposed to a variety of high quality texts of all genres.  We want all children will be confident and fluent readers with a clear understanding of what they have read. We want to ensure all children have been given the skills and opportunities to develop their handwriting styles and presentation skills so that they can enjoy being successful authors.


We do this through specific phonics, reading and writing lessons where we teach the knowledge, skills and vocabulary progressively from Reception through to Year 2. Language and vocabulary is taught explicitly through the Word Aware programme and underpins all learning. Phonics is taught daily using Essential Letters and Sounds. We work with parents and carers to ensure they know how we teach literacy so they are able to support their children at home. Through drama, reading and writing the children are encouraged to use their emotional literacy to think through how characters may be feeling and how they can make others feel when they are writing.